A landscape unique to Central Europe can be found 100 kilometres to the south-east of Berlin – the Spree Forest, a water meadow setting that has managed to stay largely natural despite centuries of human intervention.

The charm of the UNESCO Spree Forest Biosphere Reserve comes down to its landscape, reminiscent of a park and featuring a mosaic of meadows, fields and forests with an impressive network of waterways. This diversity created throughout generations of cultivation gives rise to a varied wildlife kingdom and provides habitats for rare creatures like black storks, otters and beavers. The customs and traditional costumes of the Slavic Sorbs/Wends living here are fascinating and the villages are not to be missed with their typical log cabins and kitchen gardens. Visitors can really get to grips with their surroundings here on a one-day or multiple-day trip on a bike, in a canoe or on a traditional Spree Forest barge.

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