The Via Claudia Augusta can be described as the easiest Alpine crossing for cyclists. It owes its name to Emperor Claudius, who had the Via Claudia Augusta developed into the first real road across the Alps, linking the Adriatic port of Altinum with the Danube. Following in the footsteps of the Romans, bicycle travelers experience places of encounter and regional identity culture paired with a unique mixture of landscapes, historic old towns and tranquil villages.

The route starts in Donauwörth and after the first few kilometers you can already admire evidence of Roman history, the Roman fort Burghöfe near Mertingen. The tour continues along the rivers Schmutter and Lech always slightly uphill to Augsburg. In the water city, located along the river Lech - with more bridges than in Venice, the first stroll through the old town is ideal. The next historic old town awaits cyclists southwards along the banks of the Lech, in Landsberg. It goes continuously uphill, the Alps come closer. Numerous information boards along the way inform about Roman history. In the hilly foothills of the Alps, Altenstadt awaits with the Romanesque Basilica of St. Michael and finally in the German final: the majestic royal castles in Hohenschwangau. Then the bike travelers to Füssen cross the border to Austria. Following the wide, low-traffic paths, cyclists experience alpine and culinary highlights and reach the Po Valley and the Italian Adriatic Sea. This crossing of the Alps by bike is a real pleasure.

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