Podcast Episode 5: Holidays Amidst Nature

Holidays Amidst Nature: Requirements for success in the incoming business. A view from the highly digital Netherlands

The fifth episode of the GNTB industry podcast focuses on German natural landscapes from a business perspective: how are German natural landscapes received by travellers from abroad and what needs to be worked on.

A particularly important group when it comes to nature travel are travellers from the Netherlands, who especially appreciate holidays amidst nature. This is by no means just about hiking; climbing and canoeing are also popular. What is common to all interests is that a very good digital offer is extremely important to travellers from the Netherlands, both for travel inspiration and for the actual trip. Some regions still have some catching up to do here. Petra Hedorfer also discusses with her guests Marjon Kaper, Director of ANWB Travel (which is the Dutch ADAC, the ANWB) and Dr. Michael Braun, Board Member at the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria and Chairman of the Federal Association of German Low Mountains, how Germany is positioned in terms of visitor guidance, sustainability and electromobility and which projects can still be expected here.

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