Bückeburg Palace in Lower Saxony is still the ancestral seat of the Princes of Schaumburg-Lippe, sparkling as one of the most stunning gems within the Schaumburg Land region.

The first documented mention of Bückeburg Palace was made during the 14th century, but it was not until 1560 that building work on the Renaissance palace complex with four wings began. Following a fire at the palace in 1732, the facades and interior were restored in an early baroque style, whilst inspiration was taken from neo-baroque and neo-rococo designs for the new wing.

You can discover the charm of palace horsemanship at the classy Royal Riding School and enjoy a feast fit for a king at the two café restaurants.

Dating back to 1893, the banqueting hall extends over two floors. With impressive dimensions of nine metres in height and 24 metres in length, the atmosphere in the hall is really rather special. It's no surprise that the aristocratic family still use the space to celebrate special occasions. The gorgeous garden boasts typical baroque features, including pergolas, fountains and a maze. The mausoleum is just a short walk away from the palace. Standing at 42 metres tall, the domed building is the world's largest tomb monument to be owned privately. And it is as magnificent as it is mysterious.

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