Since it was first opened back in 2002, this beautiful oasis in Merzig in the Saarland has been a hidden gem, appealing to gardening fans and anyone looking for a break from the stresses and strains of their everyday lives.

Gardens without Limits is the name given to the green network of cross-border havens that has flourished in Germany, Luxembourg and France in recent years. The Garden of the Senses in the small Saarland town of Merzig is the largest amongst them. As the name suggests, the 11 themed gardens in a row of sections are designed to inspire all the senses: hearing, sight, smell, touch and even taste, since some of flowers can actually be eaten.

Right at the entrance to the grounds stands a modern geometrical sculpture that serves as a reminder of the main element required in any garden – water. In the Garden of Sounds, a range of noisy artistic objects calls for music to be made – if the wind doesn't take care of it first. The Colour Garden shows off colourful blooms in all their glory. And the Rose Garden is an attractive oasis that nobody ever wants to leave. The beauty of the flowers is enhanced with a potpourri of sweet scents.

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