A formerly modest hunting lodge transformed into a huge palace with three wings: Not many other regents in Europe were able to bring their dreams of the ultimate residence to life in such glamorous style as the rulers based in Ludwigsburg.

Ludwigsburg Palace has played a major part in Germany's history, starting off as a ducal residence and then becoming the summer home of the first King of Württemberg. Visitors taking a tour of the magnificent stately rooms will notice a remarkable foray into different styles and periods. Stunning suites of opulent banqueting halls and apartments stay true to the original style from three eras – from lavish baroque to playful rococo and elegant classicism.

The beautifully fitted church is inspired by the baroque style – as are the games and hunting pavilion, complete with stucco marble decor, and the staircase. Young Duke Charles Eugene later changed the interior design in line with the light-hearted rococo style, before Frederick I, the first King of Württemberg, modernised many of the rooms in keeping with straightforward classicism. The original baroque gardens were partially transformed into an English landscape garden, with the 'Favorite' hunting lodge on the edge as a charming highlight.

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