When George V, the last King of Hanover, gave his wife a castle for her birthday in 1857, he was already going blind and his beloved Queen Consort Marie was not destined to live there properly either.

In creating the picturesque fairytale Marienburg Castle, King George V, the last monarch to rule over the kingdom of Hanover, brought a (neo-)Gothic dream to life. The entire design is nothing short of impressive thanks to the most elaborate craftsmanship and splendour within its walls. The Great Hall is spread out over two storeys and is home to a portrait gallery and a collection of elaborate silver furniture dating back to 1720. The table in the dining hall is set for a special occasion, with the Queen's dinner service complete with coat of arms showing off the splendour of a royal banquet.

The Queen's Library in the south-west tower is one of the most beautiful rooms and the artistic bookshelves there are true masterpieces of German carving. By way of contrast, the Princesses' Salon has a magical feel about it with its stained-glass bay windows and paintings of scenes from fairytales. The castle build was completed in 1867, which is the year in which Queen Marie followed her husband into exile. She never did get to see her gift again. But the castle was everything Marie had dreamed of: the perfect setting for music, art and culture.

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