If you're longing for exotic climes and a jungle adventure, you may want to head to the 22-hectare Palmengarten Botanical Gardens in Frankfurt. Virtually every single kind of exotic flora from around the world can be found here.

The gardens are a lush green haven in the heart of the city, proving popular with locals and tourists alike. Even the ones who aren't too bothered about flowers! The Tropicarium, a collection of 14 greenhouses with a modern glass design, is home to tropical and sub-tropical plants. The wildly varied climate zones of the Earth are simulated perfectly here, from lush green rainforests and monsoon forests to humid mangroves and dry deserts with giant prickly cacti. Just prepare to be wowed by the jungle rainforest that you can experience for yourself.

It's also worth visiting the Goethe Garden, which pays homage to the city's famous son. The great poet and passionate gardener wrote an ode to the ginkgo tree, of which there are many to be found in the park. The star of the show is still the 18-metre-tall Palm House, which just so happens to be the most famous building in the gardens. The inspiration for its design came from the huge glass palaces in London (1846) and Paris (Exposition Universelle, 1867) and its exotic charm is still as breathtaking today as it was back then.

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