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Accessible Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, the bustling metropolis in the heart of Europe, surprises the visitors with its

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Frankfurt and the Center

Frankfurt am Main is not only the capital of Germany’s Rhine-Main region, it is also the financial

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Frankfurt – History Amongst a Metropolitan City

Among the Frankfurt institutions that trace their origins to Jewish founders is the Frankfurter

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Frankfurt: a Multitude of Shops and Delights

For shopping opportunities aside from the chaos of department stores, fancy shopping streets or international delicatessens, Frankfurt am Main offers everything the consumer’s heart could desire. The best starting point for shopping in Frankfurt is Die Zeil, Germany’s top-selling shopping street. The Frankfurter Fressgass’ is the heart and the stomach of Frankfurt City and represents a multitude of shops and delights. Goethestrasse offers a selection of luxurious fashion collections and ...

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Frankfurter. The sausage that conquered the world.

Frankfurt 's best-known delicacy is the sausage named after the city. Today frankfurters are eaten and enjoyed all over the world. Traditionally made of pork, they get their unique taste from a special smoking process. Eaten in their home town since the 13th century, they are usually served in pairs with mustard or horseradish and accompanied by rye bread or potato salad.

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Hotels in Frankfurt and the Center

Frankfurt offers a great selection of hotels for both business and leisure travellers alike

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Frankfurt Airport – Shop, Eat and Enjoy!

Take off into a new shopping dimension. On a single level the size of a football field awaits a world of the latest trends and choicest treats. Whether designer fashion or classic coffee with a view of the runway: here you will find exclusivity, diversity, variety and bargains, not least because of the unbeatable Duty Free prices. Experience shopping at Frankfurt Airport every day of the year; we offer a tremendous range of brands and products in over 300 shops.

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Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is a financial centre, cultural hotspot, travel hub and pioneer in accessible tourism. The 'Feeling Frankfurt' guided tour explains the metropolis on the Main river via many touchable objects, tastings and anecdotes. Almost all public walking tours can be completed without the use of steps.

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Palmengarten botanical gardens, Frankfurt. Exotic flora and fauna in the heart of Germany.

parts of our planet. Also worth a visit is the Goethe Garden, which pays homage to Frankfurt's most

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