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Erfurt, egapark

egapark Erfurt. A feast for the senses.

Since reunification, egapark has established itself as one of the most attractive parks in Germany. It offers a riot of colour and flowering blooms covering 3.6 hectares.

The egapark in Erfurt is one of the largest parks in Germany. Although it was used as a park in the 1920s, the area around Cyriaksburg Castle was not converted into a garden and exhibition park until 1959. Since reunification, egapark Erfurt has developed into one of the most beautiful parks in Germany. egapark boasts Europe's largest ornamental flowerbed, with 150,000 spring flowers and a magnificent display of herbaceous perennials in summer. The rose garden is a paradise in itself, boasting 450 varieties. Also a delight is the grass and herbaceous garden. The Japanese rock and water garden (7,000 square metres) is inspired by Japanese garden design. Other essential attractions include the glasshouses with their cacti and orchids, and the butterfly house. The sheer variety of exotic displays is simply breathtaking. At the German Horticultural Museum, the highlight of any visit to egapark, the much-admired permanent exhibition sheds light on the history of the garden. Those who yearn for the peace and quiet of a park will feel right at home, while the little ones can burn off excess energy at the 35,000m² adventure playground and children's farm. From the former gun turret of Cyriaksburg Castle you can marvel at the egapark splendour in its entirety. Nearby attractions: The city of Erfurt, dating back 1,260 years, offers medieval churches and a mix of modern and historical inns and restaurants in its picturesque old town – perfect for a bite to eat or a leisurely stroll. A disused gravel pit just outside Erfurt is currently being transformed into a beautiful chain of lakes. Castle Runneburg from the 12th century lies 30km from Erfurt on the shores of Lake Weissensee.

 Erfurt's Christmas Market is one of the loveliest in the whole of Germany and is the largest in Thuringia.

Erfurt’s medieval old town centred on Domplatz (Cathedral Square) is the perfect setting for the specially atmospheric time of Advent.
You will find traditionally crafts and Thuringian specialities and also an enormous Christmas tree decorated with candles, a crib scene and hand-carved, almost life-size figures. There are also plenty of showman-like traders.

A varied events programme is on offer especially on the Advent weekends.

Επόμενες ημερομηνίες:

26.11.2019 - 22.12.2019

Τόπος εκδήλωσης

Erfurter Innenstadt
99084 Erfurt


Kulturdirektion, Abt. Märkte und Stadtfeste
Benediktsplatz 1
99084 Erfurt
Fon: +49 361 655-1940
Fax: +49 361 655-1949

Χωρίς εγγύηση για την ορθότητα των τιμών, των ημερομηνιών και των ωρών λειτουργίας.

The cathedral steps between the magnificent church ensemble of St. Mary and St. Severus become one of the most beautiful festival stages in the world every year.

2020: Nabucco

Premiere: Freitag, 10. Juli 2020 

Further showings: 11. Juli 2020 - 02. August 2020 

Every summer the Cathedral Steps which run between the magnificent architectural ensemble of the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Church of St. Severus are transformed into one of the world´s most beautiful festival stages. It is traditional for the Festival Plays to bring together artists from all genres in a way which unites singers, choirs and orchestras, theatre and ballet. Tickets are always very much in demand.

In 2020 "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi will be on stage.

Επόμενες ημερομηνίες:

10.07.2020 - 02.08.2020

Τόπος εκδήλωσης

99084 Erfurt
Fon: +49 (0) 361 22 33 155
Fax: +49 (0) 361 22 33 167


99084 Erfurt

Χωρίς εγγύηση για την ορθότητα των τιμών, των ημερομηνιών και των ωρών λειτουργίας.

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