Numerous ancient castles and palaces can be visited in the nature park and geopark.
Alt Barenaue moated castle ©Melanie Schnieders
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Welcome to the TERRA.vita Nature Park and Geopark

Discover the landscape of Germany's northernmost highlands. Whether you're a cyclist or hiker, a culture lover or a geology enthusiast, or whether you're just looking to relax, the TERRA.vita Nature Park and Geopark has something for everyone.

In an area covering 1,550km² you'll find a wide variety of landscapes, the diversity of which reflects the many phases of the earth's history. The gently rolling hills were formed in the ice age while the densely wooded highland ridges date back to the Mesozoic era. In 2001, on the strength of its detailed geological mosaic, TERRA.vita became the first nature reserve in Germany to be designated a geopark. At almost every turn the park offers up opportunities to experience the history of the earth at first hand. This is history you can reach out and touch.

Miles of walking and cycling routes run through the reserve, allowing you to experience the broad expanses of forest, picturesque countryside and traditional villages … and of course the panoramic views of the surrounding terrain as you look down from the highland peaks. Natural spectacles can be observed in abundance: every year, visitors are enchanted by the corydalises coming into bloom and the orchids flowering on the chalk ridges of the Teutoburg Forest. Health resorts and spas offer a range of wellbeing and fitness services, while megalithic stone tombs, medieval castles, the site of the Battle of Varus and the remains of coal and ore mines all bear witness to a rich and varied past.

So rest and recharge your batteries in the TERRA.vita Nature Park and Geopark – where history, geology, nature and wellbeing all come together.

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