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Cycling along the White-Tailed Eagle Cycle Route

UNESCO-Upper Lusatian Moorland Biosphere Reserve – carp ponds in the heathland

The Upper Lusatian Moorland Biosphere Reserve is the only biosphere reserve in Saxony and one of the largest areas of pondland in Germany.

The reserve is situated in the middle of an ancient cultivated landscape in the eastern part of the free state of Saxony between the Upper Lusatian countryside in the south and the Upper Lusatian mining district in the north. Over 350 ponds are nestled amongst dune forests, river meadows, heaths and stark expanses of farmland, offering a wide range of habitats for rare plants and animals.

Many species, some of them endangered, thrive here, including the otter, white stork and white-tailed eagle. The natural beauty of this landscape of ponds and heath is best appreciated via a network of scenic walking and cycling trails, which also takes in the local villages. Long-distance cycle paths such as the Spreeradweg and Froschradweg also run through the reserve. The Seeadlerradweg cycle path takes riders on a tour of the natural and man-made features of the Lusatian pond landscape and the attractions, both large and small, of the biosphere reserve. Also worth visiting are the farmers' markets that take place twice a year and where you can buy fresh, high-quality produce of assured provenance direct from the producers. And various forms of cultural entertainment are on offer, such as the Sorbian folk ensembles providing an insight into this people's art and culture.

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