Rhön sheep
Rhön sheep ©Tobias Nordhausen

The Hochrhöner Trail - an uplifting hiking path

The 180 kilometre Hochrhöner premium trail takes us through three federal states in central Germany: Hesse, Thuringia and Bavaria.

What is so special about the Hochrhöner Trail? The name may well give it away: most of our hike is along the peaks of the Rhön Mountains. The Rhön Mountains are uncluttered, spacious and open – a unique landscape in Germany. There are also forested areas, sleepy villages, the Kreuzberg Monastery, glorious spa towns such as Bad Salzungen and Bad Kissingen.

We hike up hill and down dale across the former inner German border. Yet in contrast to the many wooded low mountain ranges in Germany, the Rhön Mountains shine with their unimpeded distant views at towering heights. The sheep are kept off the moorland and visitors can enjoy sprawling views on the terraces of popular restaurants.

We also hike across the Wasserkuppe, the highest of the Rhön Mountains. This is where German gliding started. Other attractions include a dry toboggan run, inns and the German Gliding Museum. There are plenty of opportunities to fly rather than walk on our hiking trail! The Hochrhöner is considered one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany - with good reason.

TIP: Milseburg volcano

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:
"The most beautiful part of the Rhön Mountains is the Milseburg volcano, the site of a former Celtic oppidum. Its peak offers 360° views and features jagged rocks as well as a world-class chalet serving beer which has been cooled by the rocks."

At a glance: Hochrhöner

Starts: Bad Kissingen

Ends: Bad Salzungen

Length: 140 km

Number of stages: 9

Altitude variation: lowest point 202 m, highest point 876 m

Terrain: 39% unmade, 47% asphalt, 14% other, e.g. farm tracks

Certified hiking trail

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