Lower Oder Valley National Park – Germany's most beautiful riverside meadow landscape

The Lower Oder Valley National Park is Germany's first riverside meadow national park. It covers 60 km of meadowland on both the German and the Polish banks of the river Oder, offering visitors picturesque scenery and flowering dry grassland.

The Lower Oder Valley National Park, located in Brandenburg in the north-east of Germany, is home to many species of wildlife. In addition to scarce and protected birds such as the white-tailed eagle, black stork and aquatic warbler, visitors may also be able to spot the rare beaver building dams. More than 40 types of fish and 50 different species of mammal complete this diverse range of wildlife.

Due to its special significance as a resting and wintering ground for many bird species, the national park attracts hordes of visitors every year. The sight of more than 13,000 cranes descending to their migration roosts in the Oder Valley is an unforgettable experience.

Besides these remarkable natural spectacles the national park offers visitors a wide range of other attractions, including the medieval tower of Stolpe Castle, the historical tobacco barns near Friedrichsthal, the castle near Zitzen, the medieval town fortifications and St. Stephen's Church in Grats and the late-Gothic church in Criewen.

Frequent river cruises through the Lower Oder Valley and weekly cycle and walking tours along the river are a great way to experience the beautiful natural scenery.

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