Tolk-Schau family theme park – Germany's most northerly leisure park, in the 'land of the Vikings'

Tolk-Schau family theme park, located just outside Schleswig on the Baltic Sea, is Germany's most northerly leisure park. With its animal enclosures, giant play areas and numerous rides and fun attractions, it is a real hit among families with young children.

Though its name makes it sound like a daytime television programme, Tolk-Schau is actually a family theme park set amid a large area of unspoilt countryside in the 'land of the Vikings' between the North Sea and the Baltic. The best way to get your bearings here is to take a ride on the park railway. You'll see huge play areas for building sandcastles and slides for the little ones to try out. The giant slide, nautic jets, luna loops, Tolk tower, family rollercoaster and crazy bikes are lots of fun, as is the huge trampoline area for older children. Other attractions include the deer park, the canal ride through the land of the dwarves, the summer toboggan run, bumper cars, mini golf, table tennis, the narrow gauge railway museum with its heavy locomotives, the Max and Moritz House and much more besides. To keep hunger at bay, there is a self-service restaurant and a fast-food kiosk. The barbecue huts, which you can hire in advance of your visit, are very popular too.


The park's animal enclosure is always popular, particularly with younger visitors. Another highlight at Tolk-Schau is a trip to the Valley of the Dinosaurs: here you can take a journey through 400 million years of history and marvel at more than a hundred amazing life-size reconstructions of prehistoric creatures. Among them are Diplodocus, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex as well as huge prehistoric animals that came after the dinosaurs, such as the woolly mammoth and the Irish Elk. To complement the prehistoric experience, there are also fascinating exhibitions on insects and butterflies, indigenous birds and the rise of man. Another point of interest is the town of Schleswig in miniature. Built to a scale of 1:10 and with a hundred houses, the model shows how Schleswig would have looked in 1523. More houses will be added in the coming years. You can have great times in northern Germany! But, of course, anyone who's been here before knows that already!

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