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Museo delle culture del mondo

Museo delle culture del mondo

Il museo delle culture del mondo di Francoforte dispone di una collezione eccezionale composta da 67.000 artefatti provenienti da Oceania, Africa, sudest asiatico e dalle Americhe.

Il materiale del museo è completato da un archivio fotografico di circa 120.000 foto e film etnografici storici e contemporanei nonché da una biblioteca forte di 50.000 volumi e riviste. Il museo è stato istituito nel 1904 da alcuni abitanti di Francoforte e occupa tre ville ottocentesche sulla "riva dei musei" (Museumsufer) di Francoforte.

Orari di apertura:

martedì e da giovedì a domenica, dalle 11:00 alle 18:00


The Schirn building itself is a bit like a modern art work in the heart of Frankfurt's old quarter, a light, angular design contrasting with the grand, red sandstone cathedral and the Römer, the old town hall. This art gallery lies in the heart of the city – and is an important focal point in Frankfurt's cultural life. It is also one of the most celebrated galleries in Germany and in Europe.

Schirn is the Hessian word for a structure such as a hut or a shed, but this belies its significance in the world of art. Since opening in 1986, the Schirn has staged some 200 exhibitions. It has no collection of its own but organises temporary exhibitions and projects on selected themes or the work of individual artists. The themed exhibitions have made most notable contribution to the gallery's international reputation, for instance Viennese art nouveau, Expressionism, Dadaism and Surrealism, the history of photography and subjects such as 'shopping – art and consumerism', and the visual art of the Stalin era. Major retrospectives have honoured artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Alberto Giacometti, Frida Kahlo, Bill Viola, Arnold Schoenberg, Henri Matisse and Julian Schnabel.

Taking a stance on topical themes and aspects of artistic creation can be said to be the Schirn's hallmark. It aims not only to engage visitors in a meaningful exhibition experience but also to encourage active participation in the cultural discussion.

Prossimi appuntamenti:

13.02.2020 - 24.05.2020

Luogo della manifestazione

Schirn Kunsthalle
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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Every two years, the Luminale biennial attracts around 140,000 visitors to Frankfurt city centre. 

Originally a fringe event for the international Light+Building trade fair at Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, it became increasingly popular in its own right. The streets, squares, skyscrapers, churches, museums and galleries of the city are presented in a completely different light and captivate visitors with spectacular and often interactive installations.

Prossimi appuntamenti:

08.03.2020 - 13.03.2020

Luogo della manifestazione

Innenstadt Frankfurt
Karmelitergasse 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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This meeting point for international media is a major cultural event. The publishing and media sector is innovative, varied and international like nowhere else. This year, Canada is the guest of honour.

Prossimi appuntamenti:

14.10.2020 - 18.10.2020

Luogo della manifestazione

Centre de conférence à Francfort-sur-le-Main
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt

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