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The fortress city of Neuf-Breisach, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

Green Route – Route Verte – In honour of Franco-German friendship

The over 250 km long Green Route – Route Verte running either side of the Rhine river was and remains a milestone in the union of Europe. It is a true "ribbon of friendship" that runs from Contrexéville in the Vosges mountains, across the regions of Alsace and Lorraine to the peaks of the Black Forest and on to Titisee-Neustadt and Donaueschingen.

On this route between Donaueschingen and Contrexéville, nature's palette ranges through every shade of green – from the forests of the Vosges and the Black Forest mountains, through the foothill areas and down to the Rhine valley. There is no word too grand for this route which, like Ariadne's thread, connects the regions' best hidden treasures.

A veritable smorgasbord of possibilities

Geology, botany, prehistory and early history: the opportunities for exploration and discovery are almost boundless, and the joy to be had in the beauty and majesty of the landscape almost endless. The "ribbon of friendship" route is perfect for cyclists and hikers, but can also be discovered by car if preferred.

Following the "ribbon of friendship"

The route runs through the regions of Baden, Alsace and Lothringen, which are unparalleled in their beauty and cultural richness. The exceptional cultural and historical sites you will encounter go hand-in-hand with the region's unspoiled countryside and the cultural and sporting events that take place along the route. Large and small towns filled with historic buildings, picturesque wine-growing villages and their starred restaurants and quaint seasonal wine taverns make a stop or two impossible to resist.

High cuisine and home-style cooking

The route links Germany and France in both geography and food and there are many opportunities to familiarise yourself with regional delicacies along the way. Besides wines from the sun-drenched vineyards of the Rhine, typical Black Forest Kirsch schnapps and the sublime Mirabelle plum schnapps from Lothringen, flammkuchen (made from a dough base, cream, onions and bacon) and handmade spätzle (noodles) are also there to be enjoyed. Even lovers of fine cuisine will get their money's worth by making a stop at a chocolatiers, snail farm or winemakers.

Green Route – Route Verte

Length: approximately 250 km

Theme: culture, nature, gastronomy

Breisach: awarded the Europe prize by the Council of Europe for promoting international understanding, minster, Kaiserstuhl hills (Burgunderoase Kaiserstuhl)
Donaueschingen: castle, source of the Danube, museums
Freiburg: old quarter, minster, runnels (Bächle)
Hinterzarten: health and winter sports resort
Kirchzarten: climatic health resort, typical Black Forest inns
Munster: paragliding, ballooning, mountain biking
Titisee-Neustadt: health resort on Lake Titisee