Island of Föhr
Island of Föhr © Föhr Tourismus GmbH

Föhr – holidaying by the rhythm of the tides

The island of Föhr is located in the north-western part of Schleswig-Holstein. The 45-minute mini-cruise from Dagebüll-Mole to Föhr, past the Hallig islands on the glistening Wadden Sea, is the ideal way to slip into holiday mode.

The cruise passes through the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, a remarkable habitat for 10,000 different species of plant and animal. The national park has had UNESCO World Natural Heritage status since 2009 thanks to the Wadden Sea's unique ecosystem. Holidaymakers can live by the rhythm of the tides, experiencing how this constant ebb and flow magically transforms and reinvents the landscape around them.

Arriving on Föhr, on the southern side of Wyk's ferry terminal, visitors are greeted by a 15-kilometre stretch of sandy beach – sheer paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Wyk is the oldest seaside resort on Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea coast. Föhr itself is Germany's second-largest North Sea island, at 82.82 square kilometres. Its many onshore attractions, suited both to active breaks and relaxation holidays, include wellness, thalassotherapy, golf and tennis. Föhr is a lush island, whose sheltered climate – protected from the wind by the islands of Amrum and Sylt – has enabled a huge diversity of plant species to flourish. In addition to the island's hotels, visitors have the choice of staying in traditional Frisian houses with flower-filled gardens.

For those interested in local history and culture, a visit to the Frisian Museum is a must. The western part of the island belonged to the kingdom of Denmark until as late as 1864. The Biikebrennen bonfires, an early highlight in Föhr's annual events calendar, unite local culture and traditions, both old and new. This ancient Frisian custom sees the islanders welcome in the spring and drive away the winter.

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