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Bremen, Town Hall

Bremen: Hanseatic and cosmopolitan.

Bremen has many faces. The Hanseatic city is the beating heart of north-west Germany and home to the world-famous Town Musicians of Bremen. It is a multifaceted city where history, tradition, science, nature and culture come together in a blend that is fascinating without fail. Bremen is well worth a visit and interest in the 1,200-year-old city by the river is booming.

Bremen perpetuates tradition

Its citizens are proud of Bremen's long tradition as a Hanseatic city, but they would never boast about it. Tradition and a cosmopolitan lifestyle come together here by the Weser. You can enjoy a coffee in the "gute Stube" (best room), the name given to the area around Bremen's market square with its magnificent Town Hall (UNESCO World Heritage Site), or sip a chilled beer on the lively "Schlachte" waterfront. In days gone by, ships from all over the world docked here. You can still see some great classic vessels, including the Alexander von Humboldt. The city has so much more to explore, including the Schnoor – Bremen's oldest district – or the unusual architecture on the elegant Böttcherstraße. Autumn is a time for fun and celebration among Bremen's residents and visitors, as this is when the Freimarkt, Germany's oldest and third-largest funfair, opens its doors. Every year, over four million visitors enjoy all the thrills of this great annual fair with its countless rides and beer tents.

Bremen inspires curiosity

A trip to Bremen can also involve a flight to the stars, a walk through a whirling tornado or an expedition through the humid jungles of Borneo. Visitors can experience the tremors of the earthquake sofa at the Universum Science Center or embark upon an eighty-minute voyage around the globe at the Übersee-Museum. Bremen's educational attractions make you eager to discover more and set off on new adventures. How about a visit to the International Space Station, built in Bremen? Or maybe some off-road training in one of Germany's most modern car factories?

Bremen is brimming with art and culture

Old masters and a vibrant youthful culture come together in perfect harmony in Bremen. Take a stroll along the "culture mile", visiting the internationally renowned Kunsthalle art museum or the sculpture or design museum along the way. The nearby theatre also has a lot to offer. Just a few steps from here, by the banks of the river, Bremen's inhabitants come together in summer for the Breminale, a great riverside festival, and daring acrobats arrive for the La Strada street performance event. The Hanseatic city by the Weser is certainly a vibrant destination offering a wealth of experiences.

Bremen invites you to enjoy the finer things in life

Bremen is so much more than just a "beautiful historic city". It is also "unpretentious" and a "stress-free family city" with a wide range of recreation facilities. At least, that's what people across Germany said when questioned in a recent survey. And Bremen is green! Not just because of two of the Hanseatic city's great emblems – Werder Bremen football club and the traditional brewery Beck und Co. – which have made this colour synonymous with the city. The cityscape also impresses with its lush green spaces, beautiful parks and charming gardens. All of which make Bremen an ideal city to explore by bike. This green metropolis is also renowned for its culinary delights. From delicious chocolates and fine wines to full-bodied coffee and refreshing beer – many famous brands have made the old trading town their home. But the city excels in more than just production. Bremen is also the perfect place to savour the finer things in life. A wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafés and craft producers invite you to sample their wares.

The legendary Town Musicians of Bremen

Bremen's inhabitants are proud of their fairy tale animals, regarded as an unofficial emblem of the Hanseatic city alongside the Town Hall and Roland UNESCO World Heritage Site. A survey has clearly illustrated the city's strong association with the fairy tale, with almost one third of respondents across Germany spontaneously mentioning the Town Musicians of Bremen when questioned about the city. The four companions can be spotted in the form of a number of statues all over the city. The largest is situated right next to the west side of the Town Hall. And every Sunday between May and October, they tell their fairy tale live and in colour on the Domshof square.

Najciekawsze miasta

Wzniesiony w latach 1405 – 1408 na starówce bremeński ratusz jest jedną z najważniejszych budowli okresu gotyku i renesansu wezerskiego w Europie, klejnotem architektury i historii sztuki oraz reprezentacyjnym miejscem dla organizowania rozmaitych imprez. Okazała budowla z pięknymi salami bankietowymi została jako wyjątkowe świadectwo mieszczańskiej autonomii i suwerenności w Świętym Cesarstwie Rzymskim wpisana na listę światowego dziedzictwa kulturowego UNESCO. Choć nie znajduje się na liście światowego dziedzictwa kulturowego, ale mimo to godna uwagi jest piwnica w bremeńskim ratuszu, która kryje w swym wnętrzu największą kolekcję niemieckich win.

Od 10 lat bremeńska dzielnica Überseestadt – jeden z największych projektów urbanistycznych w Europie – rozwija się w zawrotnym tempie, zmieniając się w nową, tętniącą życiem część miasta. Przedłużona promenada nadbrzeżna Schlachte prowadzi na odprężający spacer wzdłuż rzeki Wezera przez dzielnicę Stephaniviertel aż do hanzeatyckiej części Überseestadt. Tutaj nadal funkcjonuje tradycyjna portowa gospodarka i przemysł, nadając dzielnicy Überseestadt niepowtarzalną atmosferę. W porcie Europahafen ciągle odbywają się rozmaite festiwale pod gołym niebem, a wokół odrestaurowanego spichlerza XI w porcie drzewno-fabrycznym regularne jarmarki.

Maleńkie domki szachulcowe z 15 i 16 wieku z wąziutkimi, krętymi uliczkami między rzędami budynków: nazwa tej dzielnicy wywodzi się stąd, że domy stoją ciasno jeden obok drugiego niczym perły nanizane na sznurek, który zwie się w dialekcie dolnoniemieckim „Schnoor“. Inna interpretacja nazwy mówi, iż w tej części starej dzielnicy rybackiej mieszkali wykonawcy lin. Sznurkiem przechadzają się turyści tuż nad Wezerą między pracowniami złotniczymi i rzemiosła artystycznego, zażywają odpoczynku w jednej z licznych kafejek lub restauracji albo szperają w wielu małych sklepikach.

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The Bremen Freimarkt is one of Germany's oldest fairs, with a history dating back more than 950 years. The main event is the procession on the second Saturday.  In recent times, a feature of the Bremen Freimarkt has been the historical market on Liebfrauenkirchhof where traders dressed in quaint costumes offer their wares and revive the crafts, trickery, music and culinary treats of yesteryear.

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Marktplatz, Bürgerweide
28195 Bremen

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The market square with its historical buildings is the perfect setting for Bremen's enchanting Christmas market. Visitors come from far and wide to browse around the craft stalls and Christmas exhibitions in the town hall (lower hall) and in Böttcherstrasse. Christmas concerts add to the festive mood.

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25.11.2019 - 23.12.2019

Miejsce wydarzenia

Marktplatz, Weserpromenade Schlachte
28195 Bremen

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