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Canoe or cycle your way through history in the Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park

Located near the cities of Bremen and Oldenburg, Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park is the largest nature reserve by area in Lower Saxony and, thanks to the diversity of its terrain, is a landscape full of contrasts.

This landscape of sand dunes and moor, heathland and biodiverse mixed forest is best enjoyed by bike or on foot, allowing you to fully appreciate the tree-lined avenues and hedgerowed fields. Those new to the area have a choice of eight one-day or half-day package tours showcasing the mythical routes of the Stone Age. Alternatively, the town of Syke, just a 20-minute train ride from Bremen, is the starting point for the four-day Town, Country and Whispers of the Moor tour (Stadt, Land, Moorgeflüster), which takes you through the fascinating Osenberge dune region, the Ahlhorn fish ponds (a major European conservation area) and the ancient woodland of Herrenholz. Don't miss the Goldenstedt Moor nature sanctuary and information centre, with its educational trail, tunnel beneath the moor and moorland miniature railway. On the way, the Museum of Straw Crafts in Twistringen, the only museum of its kind in Germany, is definitely worth a visit. The tour also goes through the town of Bassum with its collegiate church, former residence for noble ladies and Freudenburg Castle, while in Hude, you will find nature and culture side by side in the form of the Hasbruch ancient woodland, the abbey ruins and the sculpture trail. As for water sports, the region offers canoeing on the idyllic Hunte river between Goldenstedt, Wildeshausen and Wardenburg. Various landing stages offer a chance to stop off and have a meal, or you could book a one-day tour with picnic. In addition to the cafés and inns en route, various Melkhüser, or dairy huts, offer fresh milk and yoghurt along with other drinks and snacks. Overnight accommodation is available at campsites, holiday apartments and bike-friendly hotels.

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