Allgäu Hiking Trilogy, the Alpspitz mountain near Nesselwang
Allgäu Hiking Trilogy, the Alpspitz mountain near Nesselwang ©Allgäu GmbH (Klaus-Peter Kappest)

The Wasserläufer Route – one of the Allgäu's trilogy of hiking trails

The trilogy of hiking trails includes a route to suit every taste and level, from the Wiesengänger (meadow walker) Route for leisurely hikers to the Himmelsstürmer (heaven hotspur) Route through the Allgäu Alps for sporty hikers. We opt for the Wasserläufer (water runner) Route – a happy medium between the three.

The Allgäu region is situated in southern Germany on the border with Austria. This holiday region is known for its meadows, alpine pastures, hilly landscapes, green forests and the Allgäu Alps.

As we make our way along the Wasserläufer Route, we can vividly see how the water has changed the landscape of the Allgäu region over millions of years. We hike alongside streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes and enjoy the generous hospitality of the local innkeepers on the 25 stages of our hiking route. Regional specialities, including "Kasspatzen" (cheesy Spätzle, also known as Kässpätzle), are served up to us in the spa town of Oberstaufen and in Isny, Pfronten and Sonthofen.

High on our list of things to do is a walk to and around the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle – a royal lakeside delight.

TIP: Eistobel Gorge

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:
"The Eistobel Gorge is the must-see water attraction on the Wasserläufer Route. Situated in a narrow valley, it features cascading waterfalls and deep churn holes. The water has carved its own path through gigantic stone blocks and steep rock formations."

At a glance: Wasserläufer Route

Starts/ends: Scheidegg

Length: 384 km

Number of stages: 25

Altitude variation: lowest point 662 m, highest point 1,720 m (Tegelberg mountain)

Terrain: 45% unmade, 25% asphalt, 30% other, e.g. farm tracks

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