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Roman festival in Aalen

German Limes Route – On an expedition in the empire of the Ancient Romans

The well-signposted German Limes Route offers an exciting insight into Germany's Roman sites and runs for approximately 550 km from Rheinbrohl on the Rhine to Regensburg on the Danube through the regions of Rhineland-Palatinate, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. A route full of awe-inspiring history and a new destination every day.

The Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes, the former boundary of the Roman Empire, stretches for some 770 km through Germany with around 900 watch towers and 120 sentry posts of various sizes. One of central Europe's most impressive archaeological monuments, it has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, together with Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall.

The longest cultural monument in Germany

Running from Rheinbrohl on the river Rhine to the Regensburg area on the Danube, the road meanders through beautiful countryside, with a host of charming towns, picturesque villages and fascinating cultural and historical stopping points lining the route. Points of interest include fortresses (both large and small), ramparts, palisades, vast Roman baths and living quarters, as well as the Limes towers and the fortification itself, which is the most recent Roman border in Germania. The ancient border was not only an extremely impressive feat of technical engineering, but also marks – as no other monument is able – the exact point where the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribes met.

Striking and thought-provoking

The Romans were the architects of Europe and without their achievements, our own culture would be unthinkable. The Roman Empire has long since collapsed but its achievements live on: Roman ideas and inventions such as democracy, sophisticated plumbing systems and Roman systems of rule laid the foundations for Europe's Modern Age.

By car, bicycle or on foot

If you choose to cycle the German Limes Route, every turn of the wheel will bring a new experience. Nature and culture fans will also love the guided walks, themed excursions, bus tours and museum visits, which are a great way of reliving this 2,000-year-old snapshot of world history. And if all that travelling has given you an appetite, why not try out a lavish Roman meal, some wine, a traditional medieval banquet or a Roman feast?

German Limes Route

Length: approximately 550 km

Theme: the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes

Aalen: Limes-Thermen spa, Limes Museum, visitor mine
Aschaffenburg: ruins of baths, replica of a Roman villa
Bad Gögging: Roman Baths Museum (Römisches Museum für Kur- und Badewesen)
Bad Homburg: spa gardens, reconstructed Roman fort at Saalburg, Pompejanum reconstructed Roman villa
Bendorf: Sayn Castle and Butterfly Garden, castle and falconry centre, Sayn Culture Park
Regensburg: Porta Praetoria, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Roman museum
Rheinbrohl: wine town, Roman experience museum
Weißenburg: Limes information centre, Biriciana Fort, Roman baths