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Augsburg, Golden Hall in the town hall
Weikersheim Palace, gardens and orangery

От Ренесанса към Романтизма в Баден-Вюртемберг и Бавария

Ренесансовите сгради в южната част на Германия ще ви очароват с ясно очертани фасади и разкошни орнаменти във вътрешността. Дворецът в Хайделберг (Heidelberger Schloss) дори и като руина е карал романтици като Йозеф фон Айхендорф (Joseph von Eichendorff) да мечтаят. Помечтайте и вие!

One of Europe's most famous landmarks, the romantic ruins of Heidelberg Castle have been attracting visitors since the 19th century. read more »

One of the highlights along the Romantic Road is Weikersheim Palace. The ancestral seat of the Hohenlohe dynasty is considered a superb example of a country residence. read more »

This palace of red sandstone sits in splendour on the banks of the river Main overlooking the Lower Franconian town of Aschaffenburg. Its four staircase towers dominate the townscape to this day. The rambling palace garden extends from Johannisburg Palace to the Pompejanum Roman villa and to St. Germain terrace.

Measuring 14 metres from ceiling to floor, the Golden Hall in Augsburg's town hall is one of the finest Renaissance interiors anywhere in Germany. This state room owes its name to a wealth of gold decoration.