Bremen Bürgerpark is a prime example of how nature can be brought to life in an urban setting. This large yet small slice of paradise covering 202 hectares is one of Germany's most stunning landscape gardens.

A peaceful corner of tranquillity in the heart of a major city, the Bremen Bürgerpark is still considered to be one of the most beautiful urban parks from the 19th century to this day. And it is one of the few landscape gardens to be almost fully maintained. Old wooded areas with tall trees, vast grassy areas, rivers, fountains, bridges and lakes paint a gorgeous green picture with plenty of idyllic charm. Geometrical shapes are broken up with winding paths, constantly offering fresh new views and perspectives.

You can explore and enjoy the park on foot, by bike or from the comfort of a rowing boat. Its picturesque charm is heightened by architecture dating back to around 1900, such as the Swiss-style park keeper's cabin and the Meierei restaurant. The Emma am See café has been serving its guests since 1867. Monuments, statues and pavilions keep things varied along with an oak grove. Plus, there are 15 stopping points along the educational nature experience trail, where you can learn all about plants, animals and their habitats.

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