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The German Avenues Route

German Avenues Route – A tour for connoisseurs, under a green canopy of leaves

The German Avenues Route is a breathtaking route that really packs a punch! This ten-stage route runs like a green ribbon through nine states and with a length of almost 3000 km, is one of the longest scenic routes in Germany. It runs from the Baltic Sea island of Rügen to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Reichenau on Lake Constance

Time is key to enjoying the German Avenues Route and its veteran trees so slow down the pace a little and prepare to be enchanted by these exceptionally beautiful avenues. Delve into a world of sumptuous countryside, flora and fauna and be amazed by the wealth of attractions on offer.

A go-to destination

The trees that line the avenues run like a green ribbon through the countryside whilst the avenues themselves flicker with the light and shadow cast by the thick foliage of their trees. Knotty linden trees and lush chestnuts span the roads, whilst many-branched oaks, slender birches, gigantic beech trees and maple trees cast shadows over their surface. Rambling willows and upright poplars line the secluded country roads.

Every avenue holds its own magic

Even the access roads found in the region's quaint villages have more than a passing similarity to a tree-lined avenue. Avenues often arose around the castles and palaces as well due to a lord's fondness for a particular plant or shrub. Drivers and cyclists weave their way through the ancient trees that stand staunchly by the roadsides as the coach drivers and riders of the past once did. The trees here have borne witness to both the good times and the bad, and have received countless declarations of love through the ages in print and in music, in books and on screen.

The seasons in all their glory

It is a wonderful feeling to cross the length and breadth of Germany through these never-ending green tunnels. The Avenues Route is a green window onto some magnificent scenery, varying constantly with the seasons. With the fading of summer, bold, yellow fields of rape and corn give way to the warm splendour of the canopy itself, as it turns into a sea of vibrant autumn colours – what could be more beautiful?

A new experience at every turn of the wheel

But for a more intense experience, why not try cycling? The German Avenues Route sets itself apart from most others as visitors can discover their own little piece of paradise regardless of whether they are travelling by car, bicycles or on foot. If Germany's scenic routes were entered into a contest, the German Avenues Route would certainly be in with a chance of the prize.

German Avenues Route

Length: 2900 km

Theme: avenues, conservation, culture

Bad Kreuznach: bridge houses (Brückenhäuser)
Dessau: Bauhaus site and UNESCO World Heritage Site
Dresden: Zwinger Castle, opera, Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)
Goslar: mines of Rammelsberg, imperial palace (Kaiserpfalz), old quarter
Rügen Island: Baltic Sea, chalk cliffs
Meißen: porcelain production
Rheinsberg: palace
Stralsund: UNESCO World Heritage Site, Church of St. Mary (Marienkirche), old quarter

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