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  • Opening hours 2018: 29th March until 21st October from 09:00 am until 06:00 pm
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  • Only limited disabled facilities


Hansa-Park Resort: Germany's only seaside theme park

For the vast majority of tourists who spend their holiday on the Baltic coast, a visit to the multi-award-winning Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf on the Bay of Lübeck has become a cherished holiday ritual.

Offering a brilliant mix of nature, history and award-winning rides, Germany's only family theme park by the sea is not your average leisure park. It tells a story from the Middle Ages, one of seafaring and trade, of freedom and adventure, a story that has become a legend but is still very much alive: the story of the Hanseatic League in Europe. The park reflects its Hanseatic heritage more and more each year – and that is what makes it so unique. Occupying a site of 460,000 square metres, Hansa-Park offers no end of fun, thrills an adventure. The whole family will have plenty to keep them occupied for several days here, with more than 125 unique attractions “from chill to thrill” (35 of which are rides), spectacular stunt displays, and lovingly designed theme worlds such as the Land of the Vikings, Children's World, Thrill Rides, Water Fun and the unique Hanseatic League in Europe. Young adventurers will be in their element in the new play paradise, where they can discover caves, swing from vine to vine and trek through the trees. And if you want to base your holiday here, you can check into one of the well-appointed holiday homes at the HANSA-PARK-Resort and save yourself the hassle of travelling to and from the park.


The craziest things can be experienced all over Hansa-Park: reaching dizzy heights in the ocean of the skies, experiencing adrenaline-fuelled thrills on the Nessie super rollercoaster, and braving The Curse of Novgorod! The latter, which goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.4 seconds, is Germany's fastest launched rollercoaster, features a catapult start with a 97-degree drop and boasts the world's steepest pitch-black descent. The Flying Shark also go upside down and back and forth at mind-boggling speed. With the launch of the family thrill ride “The Oath of KÄRNAN” in 2015, HANSA-PARK made roller coaster history: emerging from a 79m-high tower after a 67m first drop, this hyper-coaster speeds up to 127 km/h on the 1,235m-long track. But that's not all. The fantastic restaurants in the various sections of the park are so well themed that even mealtimes become part of the adventure!


The reverse free fall from over 60 m in the KÄRNAN tower is unique worldwide. In 2017 the worldwide unique reverse free fall in the dark of Europe’s second-highest coaster became an even greater experience. The free fall velocity rate has been more than doubled from about 5m/sec to roughly 11m/sec.

Barcos del Mar is a wonderful combination of ship and motorcycle. Eight Motorcycles including ship’s tender, built from flotsam and jetsam, take off in a circle and can be controlled individually.

Moreover, “Emmi, Pingi & Co and the Lost City” are new in the Aquarena. The family show with the beloved mascots, light, laser, and water effects, as well as the child of the sun will be lots of fun for the whole family.

The Varieté-Show “Timeless” offers artistic performances in a new, spectacular show and thus takes visitors in a world, where time seems to stand still.

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