Alpine rafting at Ravensburger Spieleland
Alpine rafting at Ravensburger Spieleland ©Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion GmbH
German National Tourist Board
Visitors' Choice 2017
拉文斯堡游乐园(Ravensburger Spieleland)

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  • Open late March to early November
  • Events
  • Accessible for wheelchair users
  • Suitable for children aged 3+


在位于 Ravensburg(拉文斯堡)和 Bodensee(博登湖)之间的拉文斯堡游乐园中,全家人可以一起经历紧张刺激之感——无论是在山涧水道 Alpin Rafting 中,还是在疯狂的迷宫或是与船长蓝熊的探险之旅中。 在七个主题乐园的 50 多个游玩项目中,人们可以享受到绝妙难忘的瞬间。

在位于拉文斯堡和博登湖之间的休闲公园拉文斯堡游乐园中,全家人可以在山涧水道 Alpin Rafting 中一起经历紧张刺激之感,在救火游戏中证明自己的肌肉力量并与公园吉祥物船长蓝熊一起进行探险之旅。在 Fix & Foxi 火箭闪电中您会感受到涡轮旋转般的急速。在马戏和魔术学校中,游客们则会爱上参与的感觉。 七个主题乐园中的 50 多个游玩项目可以为大大小小的游客带来难以忘怀的瞬间。 在拉文斯堡游乐园中,人们甚至可以体验一下“拉文斯堡人”的绝妙游玩理念。只有在这里,人们才能在“疯狂的迷宫”中探险并与河马一起玩急速的山涧滑道,或者在记忆飞机中感受飞机起飞的乐趣。 拉文斯堡游乐园每年都会推出新的游玩节目、热门活动和适合各个年龄段游客的节目。


Colourful on the outside, tasty on the inside: the brand-new Chocolate House at Ravensburger Spieleland is a must for chocoholics! At the chocolate workshop, visitors with a sweet tooth will learn everything there is to know about the chocolate-making process – from the cocoa bean to the finished product – and afterwards make their very own chocolate complete with wrapper. Gummi bears, crispy balls or marshmallows as fillings? Anything goes! At the Kaleidoscope of Fun and Games theme world, you'll find all of Ravensburger's classic board games brought to life – from the hippo water ride and the aMAZEzing labyrinth to the brilliant Memory Flight. Those who have not yet run out of steam can compete in the fire brigade game against other firemen. At Future World, you become astronauts and explore the lunar landscape in a Galaxy Racer. And that's not all, there are plenty more attractions in store!



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