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Stukenbrock Safari Park: family fun and photo opportunities galore!

Stukenbrock Safari Park in the Teutoburg Forest offers a mix of safari adventure and theme park fun across 65 hectares of beautiful grounds – a sensational attraction for the whole family!

On a wildlife adventure at Stukenbrock Safari Park you get to see animals roaming freely in huge outdoor enclosures – either from your own car or the safari train. You'll discover more than 600 animals, including elephants, camels, giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, antelopes and zebras. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see white tigers and white lions, of which there are only around 100 left in the world. In the monkey enclosure you can see Barbary apes, or hop on the Ape Express train for a chance to feed the animals. For an extra special adventure book the VIP safari, on which a senior zookeeper gives up to six guests an unparalleled insight into the park's animals. The theme park at Stukenbrock puts the focus on entertainment and rides, including a whole host of attractions for smaller children. In the kids' adventure zones they can climb around the jungle palace, bounce on trampolines, ride the flying elephants or the ladybird rollercoaster, make a splash and cool off in the Langnese water paradise or take a spin in the teacups. And it doesn't end there, the little ones can also pilot boats, drive a mini car, fly in the Red Baron, ride ponies and do plenty more besides.


There are plenty of thrills and spills for older children, teenagers and adults too at Stukenbrock Safari Park. While the high-speed Congo River water ride and Kontiki the swinging boat are ideal for the whole family, only the very brave should try the extreme drop tower Giraffe, the Black Fly and the Flying Oil Pump. These rides are guaranteed to raise adrenaline levels to the max and make the loop-the-loop rollercoaster, complete with cobra roll, almost seem like a tame option! Between rides, don't forget to check out the programme of shows. There's a circus show starring animals, clowns and acrobats, a hilarious Wild West show with colourful dance routines and show elements, and the Hollywood Theatre show – all perfect for taking a breather. With so much to see and do, you and your family will have a wild day out!