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Bückeburg Palace, gilded carvings in the chapel

A declaration of love to the ancient world – the Weser Renaissance and beyond

The Renaissance was defined by the rediscovery of classical art and the rebirth of man's critical outlook. Traces of this new dawn in history can be seen in the magnificent architecture of the Weser Renaissance and in north-west Germany.

Bückeburg Palace in Lower Saxony is still the ancestral seat of the Princes of Schaumburg-Lippe and one of the gems of the Schaumburger Land region. read more »

Lavish stucco work, a baroque/neo-classical gatehouse and a remodelled parterre with historical engravings reflect the former grandeur of this unique Renaissance palace in the north of Germany.

Hämelschenburg unites all the characteristics worthy of a most magnificent castle – an imposing triple-wing arrangement with moats, a fortified bridge providing access and two splendid octagonal towers housing the staircases. read more »

Clearly visible from afar, this is the only surviving hilltop castle in Schleswig-Holstein. The triple-wing Renaissance residence was built during the Thirty Years' War and now houses an academy.