The stage is set for Bayreuth: Visitors can look forward to stunning palaces, historical parks, the Festival Theatre, the Hermitage with its water features and numerous museums. The Bayreuth Festival, dedicated to Richard Wagner's music, is just one example of the world-class culture on offer here.

The Margravial Opera House in the city centre was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2012 as one of the world's most beautiful preserved Baroque theatres. Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia, Margravine of Brandenburg, was the driving force behind its construction. She wanted to transform the seat of power into a vibrant cultural metropolis, and it still wows the crowds today.

The 18th-century New Palace demonstrates the design perfection of Margravial culture and showcases an extensive collection of old Bayreuth faiences.

The Richard Wagner Museum in Wahnfried House, the family's former residence, has found an impressive way to present the life and works of the world-famous composer. Or maybe you'd rather be in the great outdoors? Just outside of Bayreuth, visitors can go on a lovely stroll through the Hermitage, historical gardens with water features and an orangery. It just so happens that it is also home to the Old Palace and its magnificent interior furnishings.

Once the fanfare is played at the start of the Bayreuth Festival, an international Richard-Wagner-loving audience flock to the city and to the green hill and the Festspielhaus, for which the foundation stone was laid back in 1872. With its unrivalled acoustics, it captivates the imaginations of visitors year in, year out and offers the ultimate in art and cultural entertainment.

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