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Borg Roman Villa Archaeology Park Perl

The Borg Roman Villa in the town of Perl in the Saarland is a landmark of international standing. As the only ancient villa complex to have been fully restored, it paints a vivid picture of life 2,000 years ago.

The open-air museum at the Borg Roman Villa houses an archaeological collection, working ancient villa baths, gardens, a splendid gatehouse and, last but by no means least, a Roman tavern. The archaeological museum collection in the massive manor house includes numerous original finds and replicas. There are some real highlights amongst the items, such as a bell beaker from the Chalcolithic period and a cavalry plaque and gold jewellery from Roman times.

The courtyard area featuring farm buildings and the baths in the boxwood-lined inner courtyard give visitors a taste of the splendour of ancient times. Archaeological digs are ongoing over an area spanning 7.5 hectares. Amazingly, the tavern prepares Roman dishes based on traditional recipes. And you can pay to try out the fully functional, faithfully restored baths so you can feel like a real Roman. Opening times: Every day except Monday. February to March: 11 am–4 pm, April to October: 11 am–6 pm, November to December: 11 am–4 pm.

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