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Cathedral and Diocesan Museum Mainz

This museum showcases legendary works of art dating back over two millennia in a historical setting. Visitors can admire the Hohenstaufen vaulted halls, the Late-Gothic cloister and the old chapterhouses.

The Cathedral Museum, housed in the rooms around Mainz Cathedral's Late-Gothic cloister, preserves and presents sacred works of art dating from the Carolingian period to the 20th century. The collection focuses heavily on the Middle Ages, however. A wide range of genres and materials are on display, including paintings, drawings, stone and wooden sculptures, manuscripts, sacred art, textiles and furniture. With the chasuble of Archbishop Willigis, the sculptures of the Naumburg Master and the revolving tabernacle of Abraham Roentgen in its collection, the Cathedral Museum is home to significant European works of art.

World-famous Early-Gothic figurines, such as "The Blessed" and "The Damned" taken from the former western rood screen, can be seen in the vaulted hall that dates back to the Hohenstaufen dynasty. Colourful ornate Ottonian manuscript illuminations and Late-Gothic tapestries in vibrant shades are amongst the most famous treasures in the Cathedral Museum's collection. Opening times: Tuesday to Friday: 10 am–5 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 11 am–6 pm

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