Erlangen is a city of Huguenots, beer, Christmas, academics and so much more! Situated at the heart of Franconia, the smallest major city in Bavaria reveals, at pretty much every turn, why it's worth a visit.

Separate to the small Medieval town of Alt-Erlang, Margrave Christian Ernst had the new town Christian Erlang built for the French Huguenots in the 17th century. Over time, it has grown to become one of Germany's best-preserved planned cities from the Baroque era and a monument of European importance with a vibrant city centre. The special charm that attracted so many Huguenots to Erlangen back in the day can still be felt today. The city's many open squares host numerous markets, festivals and cultural events. Erlangen boasts a wealth of Baroque heritage, including the Margravial Theatre built in 1718, southern Germany's oldest Baroque theatre still in use today.

Internationally renowned festivals such as the Comic Salon and the Kunstpalais Erlangen demonstrate how remarkable the city's culture scene is. What's more, the 'City of Beer' truly lives up to its name every Whitsun, when the Bergkirchweih, one of Germany's oldest and most beautiful fairs, is held in Erlangen. Visitors can also learn all about the art of brewing beer on a tour of the Beer Museum. If visitors haven't realised by this point, they will know that Erlangen is worthy of an extended stay when they stroll through the wonderful Palace Gardens or the city's Old Town with its winding alleyways and restaurants serving creative cuisine.

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