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German Museum of Technology Berlin

As one of Europe's largest technology museums, this interactive educational museum features exhibitions on transport, communications, manufacturing and energy technology, inland and high-sea navigation and aerospace.

The German Museum of Technology, which first opened its doors back in 1982, takes visitors on an interactive journey of discovery through the cultural history of technology. Exhibitions on communications, manufacturing, energy and transport technology cover some 26,000 square metres, whilst the history of shipping and aerospace is featured in the new glass building. This is also the location of the library and historical archives. In 2011, the former railroad siding became home to a new permanent exhibition called "People on the Move – Cars and Other Modes of Transport", which features carriages, bikes, motorbikes and 30 cars from through the ages.

There are also some 40 railway vehicles in two historical engine sheds. The museum gardens are well worth a visit, boasting windmills, watermills and a brewery. Thanks to the Science Centre Spectrum, daily demonstrations of historical machinery and models and a wide range of guided tours, the museum is an interactive place of learning suitable for all ages. Opening times: Tuesday to Friday: 9 am–5.30 pm, Saturday, Sunday: 10 am–6 pm

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