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German Museum Munich

With aeroplanes you can board, a mining tunnel deep underground and artificial lightning, the world's largest science and technology museum aims to get visitors excited about science.

This museum close to the Isar River has been bringing science and technology to life since 1925. The unique masterpieces on display here are an indicator of the attraction's cultural significance. The motto "In this museum, everyone can do what I want" can be read in German in the entrance area, revealing the museum creator's belief that a hands-on approach to technology is required to guarantee real understanding. There are more than 50 themed areas that give inquisitive minds of all ages the chance to get to grips with the fascinating world of science and technology. The museum has everything – artificial lightning measuring one million volts, lots of aeroplane exhibits, a planetarium and an old mining tunnel, to name but a few examples.

Looking to the future, the entire exhibition building is set to be renovated and modernised by 2028. The "Digital German Museum" project is a major part of the overall concept, with the aim of setting up the German Museum as a digital research resource and transforming it into a digital interactive space. Opening times: Every day: 9 am–5 pm

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