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Goethe National Museum Weimar

Visit Goethe's former residence and the museum dedicated to the author for a look at two of the most significant testimonies to Classical Weimar and prepare to be amazed by the wealth of precious original relics here.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived in the Baroque-style house on Frauenplan for just shy of 50 years, having had it renovated and redesigned to suit his own taste. A visit to the house now reflects what it would have been like during the final years of Goethe's life. The Goethe National Museum is located in the same building complex. The exhibition "Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds" presents Goethe as a witness to the dawn of modernism around 1800 and offers insight into his fascinating life. Eleven rooms illustrate the many sides to Goethe, reaching far beyond his literary achievements – from his political role as a statesman and his talent for drawing through to his botanical expertise.

Goethe's descendants transferred ownership of Goethe's historical home and the art and science collections he left behind to the Goethe National Museum, which was founded in 1885. As a result, the magnificent exhibition has a unique wealth of precious original relics to draw on. Opening times: November to March: Tuesday to Sunday 9 am–6 pm, April to October: Tuesday to Sunday 9.30 am–6 pm

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