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Lokschuppen Exhibition Centre Rosenheim

With its changing interactive exhibitions combining extensive research with elaborate design, the Lokschuppen Exhibition Centre is ranked amongst the top ten in the whole of Germany.

Rosenheim's cultural hub is in the shape of a semicircle since an old locomotive engine shed was transformed into an award-winning exhibition centre. Its incredible success is based on the idea of creating thoroughly researched interactive exhibitions for families, experts and school groups that are truly unique. Giant marine reptiles that once lived in ancient seas are the focus of the display now until the end of 2020.

The exhibition called "Marine Reptiles – Giants of the Ancient Seas" takes visitors on a journey back in time to a prehistoric world under the sea. More than 200 original fossils, skeletons, casts and breathtaking true-to-scale models of marine creatures are on display over an exhibition area of 1,500 square metres. Europe's largest digital real-time "Paleo-Aquarium" virtually plunges visitors down into a prehistoric underwater world for an immersive experience they won't forget in a hurry. Ancient reptiles shown in 3D animation were developed as extra features for the exhibition along with life-size models of the giant creatures. Opening times: Monday to Friday: 9 am–6 pm, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10 am–6 pm

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