Ludwigshafen owes its growth to the rise of the chemicals industry and did not really play a part in history until the 19th century. Today, art and culture have given the city a new identity. Like all towns and cities on the Rhine, Ludwigshafen is an attractive destination, with an urban face and green lungs, a fascinating history and its own particular charm.

Situated in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Ludwigshafen first gained city status in 1859. And although the global corporation BASF moved here a short while later and helped shape the region, Ludwigshafen is now known for way more than its work in the chemicals industry. It is an easygoing, friendly city with a positive attitude to life and a passion for the arts. It also has a vibrant culinary scene centred around Hemshof, the oldest district of Ludwigshafen.

The many works of art dotted around the city, including the famous Endless Steps by Swiss artist Max Bill, have transformed Ludwigshafen into one big exhibition space for modern art, while the Wilhelm Hack Museum, which features the famous ceramic facade by Miró and well in excess of 9,000 other artworks, is internationally acclaimed. A place designed with relaxation in mind, Ebert Park is an oasis of green in the city centre. A rose garden, sensory garden and fountain garden with various water features combine to form a harmonious ensemble – like the city itself, if you take a closer look. Ludwigshafen is designed for you to do just that.

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