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Museum Island Berlin

Museum Island at the heart of Berlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to spectacular cultural treasures. The museum complex made up of eight museums is a popular hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

The collection of museums to the north of the island in the River Spree in the historical centre of the German capital is one of Berlin's biggest tourist attractions and one of the most significant museum complexes in the whole of Europe. The grand museums were all designed by famous contemporary architects and the collections they house cover everything from prehistory and antiquity to art from the 19th century.

A treasure trove of extraordinarily valuable cultural artefacts awaits at the Old Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery, Bode Museum, Archaeological Museum, James Simon Gallery, Museum Courtyards and Pergamon Museum. Here, visitors are taken on a fascinating voyage of discovery through a world of art and culture, stopping off in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, the Islamic World up to the Middle Ages, the modern era and the Romanticism period of the 19th century. A master plan is in place to ensure the continual development of Museum Island.

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