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Museum of Nature and Man Freiburg

The Museum of Nature and Man, one of the Freiburg city museums, is dedicated to the diversity and uniqueness of cultural and natural living spaces. Visitors can explore its collections on ethnology and natural history on the outskirts of the Old Town in the city centre.

The Museum of Nature and Man brings aspects of natural history and ethnology together under one roof. The natural history exhibitions called "Time" and "Earthly Riches" explore the geological history of southern Germany through their collection of fossils and sparkling crystals, going all the way back to the days of dinosaurs and mammoths. The interactive "Woods", "Water" and "Meadow" rooms then provide an experience for all the senses. Beavers, lynxes and peregrine falcons await visitors, who will also be able to say hello to Baden giant earthworms and bee-eaters.

The Ethnological Collection then puts the evolution of mankind in the spotlight in a series of special exhibitions. "Time" takes visitors on a journey to uncover the mysteries of geological history and marvel at extraterrestrial matter dating back to the beginnings of our solar system and fossils. The creation and development of life to the present day is vividly depicted here. The museum also showcases minerals and rocks from the ancient mountain ranges in the south-west of Germany. Opening times: Tuesday–Sunday: 10 am–5 pm

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