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Ozeaneum Aquarium Stralsund

Visit the Ozeaneum natural history museum and dive into the mysterious world of the northern seas. There are 50 aquarium tanks, some of which are massive, and five modern permanent exhibitions to explore.

Ozeaneum puts the Baltic Sea in the spotlight since it's right on the museum's doorstep. Three huge areas packed with aquarium tanks are popular with visitors, who can gain an insight into life in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean here. Visitors are taken on a journey that starts off in a mysterious underwater world, with a giant glass tunnel faithfully reflecting the world that exists beneath the surface of the water around the islands in the North Sea. The largest tank at Ozeaneum can be found in the "Open Atlantic" area.

Alongside the tanks, Ozeaneum also features a multimedia display, many display cabinets and models, with stuffed fish, mussels and snails from all around the globe as the stars of the show. True-to-scale replicas of a whale and other large sea creatures are also showcased. The "Exploration and Utilisation of the Seas" area addresses overfishing, climate change and other related issues. And, best of all, ten Humboldt penguins call the museum's roof terrace their home. Visitors can step on board a research boat, check out a diving boat and explore a shipwreck.

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