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Reiss Engelhorn Museums Mannheim

The Reiss Engelhorn Museums are an internationally engaged complex of museums, an outstanding exhibition venue and important research centre, forming a vibrant museum quarter at the heart of Mannheim's city centre.

The three exhibition spaces covering 12,000 square metres and housing more than 1.2 million artefacts are home to the Zeughaus Museum and the International Photography Forum, the World Cultures Museum, the Bassermannhaus Museum of Music and Fine Arts and ZEPHYR – Space for Photography, and the Schillerhaus Museum. Interactive exhibitions take visitors back to the early history of mankind and showcase art and culture through time, up to and including contemporary photography.

Elector Carl Theodor laid the foundations for this high-end collection during the 18th century, in a period known as the first golden age of Mannheim. The excellent programme of special exhibitions keeps on attracting global attention and the new exhibition on Ancient Egypt at the World Cultures Museum is proving to be a big hit too. When it comes to the fields of archaeology, world cultures and photography, the Reiss Engelhorn Museums are amongst the leading exhibition venues in the whole of Europe. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am–6 pm

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