Saarbrücken is a nice city with a vibrant cultural scene and Baroque architecture. It combines French ambiance with the joie de vivre of the Saarland. The metropolis on the Saar River is an easygoing city with the feel-good factor situated at the centre of a region spanning three countries.

The city's 1,000-year history has been an exciting one. Baroque buildings such as the palace and the Schlossplatz square bear witness to the city's heyday in the 18th century, while the Ludwigskirche church is considered one of Germany's purest and most beautiful baroque churches. Other top attractions include the Neo-Gothic Town Hall, the mining headquarters and the Church of St. John. The St. Johanner Markt square with its boutiques, bistros and picturesque narrow alleyways is the heart and soul of Saarbrücken. All the city's districts are as tranquil as they are delightful, with pretty beer gardens and their own interpretation of the region's distinct style.

Visitors can learn about the region's industrial past at the nearby Völklingen Ironworks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major stop on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. Meanwhile, 14 metres under the Schlossplatz square, tourists can explore the fascinating ruins of a Medieval castle complex with UV torches. Plays and ballet can be seen at the State Theatre venues, while the palace hosts open-air concerts featuring folk music, rock, chanson, blues and jazz acts on Sundays between June and August. Saarbrücken is a leafy city with its glorious palace gardens and greenery along the banks of the Saar River. So if it's a laid-back city you're after, you need look no further than Saarbrücken.

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