The Germans! Those who enjoy travelling to Germany on holiday must remember to stock up on souvenirs. We have made a list of the classic and trendy items.

Those who have been to Bavaria might want to purchase a Dirndl or Lederhosen. A traditional beer mug might also look good at home. On the other hand, if you've been to Frankfurt you might want to pack some Bethmännchen: these round marzipan balls don't only taste good at Christmas time. A Bembel is of course a typical Hessian item. But what should you take home from Stuttgart? Those who can't do without spaetzle at home should buy a spatula. So that you can enjoy the Swabian delicacy everywhere. Family members who had to stay behind at home will be more than pleased with some Stollen from Dresden. It is simply delicious! And from Berlin? The traffic light man is the gift of choice: he is available made of chocolate, in the form of a lamp or even a notepad, for example. Or maybe you prefer treats from Leipzig? Or take your pick, see what you fancy. Here are our suggestions:

1. Bethmännchen
2. Bembel and Geripptes
3. Sparking Cider Wine

A ribbed glass of cider with a bembel A ribbed glass of cider with a bembel ©iStock / Getty Images Plus (kontrast-fotodesign)

A Hessian classic: This beautifully painted clay jug is placed at the tables in cider wine taverns. And it comes with the typical glass: this is what the cider is drunk out of. There is a drink with many variations. Sparkling cider wine has meanwhile become fashionable.

4. Ahle Wurscht
5. Cuckoo clock

Black Forest: Cuckoo clock Black Forest: Cuckoo clock ©Gettyimages (lowkick)

The Black Forest is a great place for skiing and hiking. However, the region is also famous for the cute cuckoo clock, many of which are still handmade in the old tradition. The best examples can be found in the city of Schonach.

6. Ampelmännchen (Traffic Light Man)

Berlin: Green traffic light man Berlin: Green traffic light man ©Lookphotos (Franz Marc Frei)

This traffic light man was seen in the GDR for many years and is today associated with Berlin and Eastern Germany in particular. There are countless gift ideas featuring the traffic light man motif in the capital, even as pendants for necklaces.

7. Trabbi Toy
8. Chocolate TV-Tower
9. Plattenbau-themed cushion
10. Cologne Water
11. Koelsch beer
12. Black rye bread
13. Dresden Stollen

Thuringia: Stollen 640x360 Thuringia: Stollen 640x360 ©Thüringer Tourismus GmbH (Meeta K. Wolff)

The delicious Dresden Stollen is eaten predominantly at Christmas time. Theoretically, it can last for up to four months, but in practice it should be eaten immediately.

14. Nuremberg Lebkuchen (Gingerbread)
15. Nutcracker
16. Christmas decorations

Erzgebirge: Painting of a nutcracker Erzgebirge: Painting of a nutcracker ©Tourismusverband Erzgebirge e. V.

Those who have been on holiday to Saxony, should definitely purchase a traditional nutcracker. These little wooden men are not only pretty to look at, they can also be used to crack nuts. Hand-blown Christmas baubles, hand-carved wooden angels and incense burners, which spread a wonderful scent in winter and look beautiful on windows and tables, come from the Ore Mountains.

17. Dirndl
18. Trilby
19. Lederhosen
20. Weisswurst
21. Pretzels
22. Tankard

freshly tapped draught beer freshly tapped draught beer ©FrankenTourismus/Bamberg TKS (Andreas Hub)

You can't leave Bavaria without having drunk out of a tankard. Of course, you can also pack this massive glass in your suitcase. Felt hats, leather trousers or dirndls are also fun - they say every woman looks pretty in them.

23. Raincoats
24. Kemm's cakes
25. A fisherman's cap
26. Labskaus stew

Lobscouse; beef, eggs, gherkin, beetroot Lobscouse; beef, eggs, gherkin, beetroot ©gettyimages (Westend61)

Raincoats, a fisherman's cap, Kemm's cakes or Labskaus stew: Anyone who has spent a holiday in the Hamburg region can buy many beautiful souvenirs. Labskaus stew is a typical sailor's dish, it consists of cured beef brisket, potato, beet and optionally egg and maties.

27. Spaetzle-scraper / spatula

Bavaria: Käsespätzle on the vegetarian Huendeleskopfhuette Bavaria: Käsespätzle on the vegetarian Huendeleskopfhuette © (Gert Krautbauer)

Nothing beats a homemade spaetzle: it is mainly eaten in Baden-Württemberg. It is not too hard to make at home, but you'll need a scraper or spatula. That is made out of metal or wood.

28. Spekulatius Cookie
29. Rügen Healing Chalk
30. "Glückauf" (Good Luck) Mousepad
31. Soap in the shape of coal from the Ruhr
32. Magnets for various German states
33. Wine, Stuttgart e.g Trollinger, Hesse: Riesling
34. Bremen town musicians as pendants or chocolates
35. Schnoorhaus, Bremen

Bremen: Schnoor Viertel Bremen: Schnoor Viertel ©BTZ (Ingrid Krause)

The beautiful houses of Bremen's Schnoor district are available as porcelain miniatures. Those who would prefer to buy the Bremen town musicians as souvenirs, you can even get them as fine chocolate.

36. Porsche toy car
37. Baloney from the Saarland
38. Alte Pomeranze Liqueur
39. Leipzig delicacies
40. Bachtaler pastries

Leipzig Larks Leipzig Larks ©StockFood (für ZS Verlag/ Kramp + Gölling)

The Leipzig larks are a classic Leipzig speciality. The delicious pastry made from shortcrust pastry, jam and marzipan gets its name from the lark. Around 1800, the bird was no longer allowed to be shot, so the master bakers found that a tasty alternative was needed. The criss-crossing strips of dough still remind us of the stuffed, tied songbird.