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Women's Museum Wiesbaden

The Women's Museum in Wiesbaden focuses on the lives of women in the past, present and future from a cultural and historical perspective.

This award-winning museum organises temporary exhibitions focusing on different aspects of women's lives across 600 square metres. Contemporary art exhibitions showcase the creative work of female artists. Female figures from around the world and throughout history provide a well-rounded view of history and culture. And famous inspirational women are at the heart of exhibitions dedicated to specific themes. The items in the "Language of the Goddess" exhibition formed the basis of the archaeological collection that now comprises 400 figures of women and goddesses from the period between the Stone Age and the modern day.

The cultural history collection also features exhibits depicting everyday life through the ages, with a focus on the feminist movement and the history of women in the city. The art collection also offers a fascinating insight into the work of contemporary female artists who have made a name for themselves on the German and global art scene. The artwork comes in the form of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and installations. Opening times: Wednesday and Thursday: 10 am–5 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 12 pm–5 pm

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