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Zeiss Planetarium Bochum

The Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum replicates the view of the starry skies from earth. More than 9,000 shining stars light up the planetarium sky to create an impressive visual effect.

A central projector beams an image of the night sky beneath the domed roof so that visitors are given a realistic impression of the sky above. There are over 250 comfy armchairs in the room so that visitors can sit back and enjoy the view.

And yet the planetarium goes so much further than the stars. State-of-the-art digital technology fills the entire dome with far-away worlds and galaxies. Sequences of images and videos appear in shows explaining cosmic interconnections. The stunning visual display is largely put together by a team of astronomers, technicians and graphic artists. A corridor surrounding the projection room is home to permanent and temporary exhibitions offering further insight into cosmic themes and ensuring that children can enjoy the experience too. Lectures, audio plays, music shows and readings also appear on the planetarium's agenda. Opening times: Please refer to the events calendar

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