Germany for people with disabilities

Germany for people with disabilities

Anyone can go on holiday in Germany.

Also people with disabilities.

There are great holiday ideas for people in wheelchairs.

For example: a holiday at the sea.

It is possible with a wheelchair made for beaches.

There are also options for people with learning disabilities.

For example: rock climbing.

Travel for everyone

At “Reisen für Alle” you can find lots of information for holidays in Germany.

“Reisen für Alle” is German for: travel for everyone.

The information is for people with disabilities.

For example you can find out:

  • if there are information signs in easy language, such as in a museum,
  • if there are tours in easy language,
  • if people with learning disabilities can find their way easily.

Like in a hotel.

All of the information is in a list.

You can look through the list.

Or you can look for search for something specific.

Please note:

The list is not in easy language

To the list of „Reisen für Alle“ (Click here)

“Reisen für Alle” has a special symbol.

The symbol means: the holiday idea is

  • “barrier-free for people with learning disabilities” or
  • “partly barrier-free for people with learning disabilities”.

There is a list with exact points.

The holiday idea has to have these points.

Then can they use the symbol.

You can see the list with points here:

The list of points for people with learning disabilities (Click here to open a barrier-free PDF document. It is 0,91 MB.)

Please note:

The list is not written in easy language.

You can find more information about “Reisen für Alle” here „Reisen für Alle“ (click here)

and on the website: (click here)

Please note:

The links take you to other websites.

The other websites are not in easy language.