Are you looking for bubbling spring water, natural health remedies and sheer relaxation? May we recommend Bad Neuenahr as a spa resort that caters to every wellness need surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the Ahr Valley near Bonn.

The spa resort of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler is centred around 13 clinics and more than 100 resident consultants. The specialist treatments on offer are designed to help people get healthy and stay that way, whilst wellbeing and culture are high up on the agenda too. The healing water here is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements unleashing effects that have been scientifically proven. The warm (34 degrees) water bubbles up to the surface from a depth of 95 metres in a jet of water that reaches up to a height of 10 metres. The natural heat of the water at the Ahr Thermal Baths revitalises the skin with a subtle tingling sensation, boosts the immune system and relaxes the body and mind.

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