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Tourism providers in Germany are always developing new offerings for sustainable vacation experiences, with creativity and passion.

Be inspired by these pages of selected travel ideas.

Tip: Since most CO2 emissions occur during arrival and departure, a longer holiday is more environmentally friendly than multiple short trips.

Take your time and enjoy a sustainable holiday in Germany!


What would you like to discover on your holiday? Authentic holiday regions with their own character? Climate-friendly, green cities with modern mobility concepts? Pristine natural landscapes where conservation is combined with entertaining and informative activities?

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Germany offers far more than just its landmarks. Immerse yourself in the life of the many different regions, feel the energy of different landscapes, stroll through authentic markets, and experience true relaxation surrounded by nature!

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Stay overnight

Here be inspired by a selection of accommodation options that combine sustainability with hospitality and comfort. Further sustainable-certified accommodation options can be found on the map below.

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On tour

City or countryside, coast or mountains, culture or nature? In Germany, you don't have to choose – many sights can be found within a short distance. The excellent local transport networks and regional TouristCards ensure that you reach your favourite destinations not only quickly and comfortably, but also affordably and sustainably. Visitors who would like to, and are able to do so, can travel on foot, by bicycle or even by canoe on many designated routes, close to nature and with zero carbon emissions.

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Sustainable experiences in Germany

From environmentally friendly travel to sustainable cities and regions, to climate-friendly accommodation – this is how relaxing a holiday in Germany can be.

Transparency in Sustainability

See examples of Germany's environmentally and climate-friendly accommodation.

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Find accommodation that meets sustainability requirements.

This selection is based specifically on the publication "Anforderungen an Unternehmenszertifizierungen für nachhaltigen Tourismus in Deutschland", 2017, Die VERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e. V. ("Requirements for company certifications for sustainable tourism in Germany", 2017, The CONSUMER INITIATIVE e.V.)