Slow travel in Germany's cities and regions

Germany offers far more than just its landmarks. Immerse yourself in the life of the many different regions, feel the energy of different landscapes, stroll through authentic markets, and experience true relaxation surrounded by nature!

Feel at home in travel destination Germany!

Germany's Pathway to Sustainability

Have our travel ideas made you want an environmentally and climate-conscious holiday in Germany, but you haven't quite found what you're looking for yet? Click on your chosen state on the map, and learn more about the possibilities for a sustainable and rejuvenating holiday in your favorite region.

More Culinary Experiences in Germany

  • Wine tastings from the Ahr to Württemberg

    In Germany, grapevines are tended and cultivated on more than 100,000 hectares, by 11,000 wineries in 13 wine-growing regions.

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  • Natural Healing: Kneipp, Felke, and Schroth Cures

    Helping the body to heal itself was the intention of the inventors of the legendary therapies of Kneipp, Felke, and Schroth.

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  • Spa Towns and Resorts – Mini Breaks

    For those seeking true relaxation from everyday life, Germany offers the best opportunities:

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  • Germany's Bread Extravaganza

    According to the German Bread Institute, more than 3000 different types of bread and baked goods are sold in Germany every day.

    Explore German Breads

Find accommodation that meets sustainability requirements.

This selection is based specifically on the publication "Anforderungen an Unternehmenszertifizierungen für nachhaltigen Tourismus in Deutschland", 2017, Die VERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e. V. ("Requirements for company certifications for sustainable tourism in Germany", 2017, The CONSUMER INITIATIVE e.V.)